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National Sportswear Trademark 2

National Sportswear Trademark 2 is a registered United States Federal Trademark.

You’ve probably seen our Brand Trademark, if not, you can view it here.
A United States Federal Trademark is to protect consumers against fraud.
It distinguishes the difference between REAL and FAKE.

We teamed up with #goforreal and the United States Federal Trademark Office to protect you!


Counterfeits aren’t generic brands. They’re cheap imitations of brands we trust.
In addition to funding criminal enterprises, counterfeit scams drain the economy,
cost Americans real jobs, hurt businesses, and dupe consumers.
As if that weren’t enough, certain fakes, such as faulty electronics,
cause over 70 deaths and 350,000 serious injuries every year.
…So why risk it? #GoForReal and buy from brands you trust.

national sportswear trademark go for realListen to this message from the United States Patent and Trademark Office
and the National Crime Prevention Council

national sportswear and crime prevention


National Sportswear Trademark is a US Federal non contestable Trademark

The National Sportswear ® is a United States Federal Trademark owned by National Sportswear Incorporated (that is us).
Actually, we own several of them under the word mark “National Sportswear” and we’ve owned them for years.

Here they are… Copies taken Directly from the U.S. Trademark Office

national sportswear trademark 2

This Trademark is for our “Sportswear and Apparel decorating,” such as silkscreen printing, embroidery,
applique and application of names, logos and names on sportswear
and is registered for all items falling under the category SIC 040

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