Shipping Policy for National Sportswear


shipping policy

Shipping policy for National Sportswear can be found here.

This is Poly. And he’s in charge of shipping.

Most products that National Sportswear ®
ships to its customers is free of charge.
But this depends on your location and other criteria.
Maybe we should have called it a shipping Poly see.
You can find out more from the following links.

It is very rare that we ever get returns.
Returns are usually do to imperfections in the goods supplied.
The last time National Sportswear had a return was maybe over twenty years ago.
This is a pretty good record, considering most companies in our industry have at least one return per week.
The reason we have such a low (almost zero) return rate is because National Sportswear
goes to extreme length to quality check every garment we produce.

Hence our slogan…
When Second Best Won’t Do!

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