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For the most part, sportswear decorating can be broken down into just two forms,
silkscreen printing and embroidery.
We do both.

Custom Printing by National Sportswear ®

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Silkscreen Printing

This is the type of printing we do, because (fact check) it is the absolute best type of printing for sportswear.
Silkscreen printing dates back about 5,000 years. So it’s not like it doesn’t have a track record. Five thousand years is ample time to perfect a method of printing and here at National Sportswear, we’re doing just that.
Although it has been more widely used on t-shirts for just the past 80 years, Thanks to the surf wear industry, that doesn’t mean that it has not been used on other textile materials. To think otherwise, would be just inexperience talking.

The Chinese have used silkscreen printing on textile like scrolls thousands of years ago, and those scrolls still exist today in museums.

Of course, unless you intend to mummify yourself,
we don’t think you need your t-shirts to last “that long.”
However, believe it or not, we have had requests from some very close customers
who requested a custom garment from us to wear to their very own funeral.
Some people might think this as a little bit eerie,
but we are very honored and humbled by it.

Custom Embroidery by National Sportswear ®

Custom Embroidery

Embroidery, like silkscreen printing, is not a new process.
As a matter of fact, samples of embroidery have been found that date back as far as the fifth century B.C.
It can be found world wide in all different cultures. Therefore it might be arguable as to whom actually started it.
Naturally, it would have had to begin after the beginning of agriculture, that much we know.

And of course, machine embroidery, after the age of machines. That’s a gimme.

National Sportswear ® prides itself in being not only competitive in prices, but quality too.

A few years back, we had a request by the Taiwan Embassy in the United States to custom embroider a couple of jackets for the Vice President and Second Lady of Taiwan.
Now, this may not seem as comparable as a request to wear one of our custom pieces to one’s own funeral.
But never the less, it was nothing less than an honor to have been asked to create such gifts for high officials. The Vice President even complimented us on such beautiful craftsmanship.

Why choose one over the other?

Printing lends itself well to fine detail, sharp lines and is most suitable (for optimum results) to be printed on softer types of textiles such as t-shirts and even hoodies and sweatshirts.

While embroidery, is best done on picket style materials and jackets. However, that isn’t to say that it can not be also done on t-shirt type textiles. We have customers who quite frequently ask us to do this.

If you are looking for an upscale, office, business look for yourself, your employees,  or family and friends, than embroidered crests with your logo, name or a small slogan is the way to go.

If you’re looking to get the shirts dirty, such as landscaping, or maybe industrial factory work, or perhaps just want something down and dirty (no pun intended hehe) cheap as a giveaway… than definitely silkscreen printing is the way to go.

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