Services by National Sportswear

Services by National Sportswear ®

These are two of the services we provide our customers in custom apparel decoration.

Printing & Embroidery

The type of printing we do is silkscreen printing.
Silkscreen printing dates back about 5,000 years
when it was used for the first mass production of books and scrolls.
But only in the last 80 years silkscreen printing re-adapted itself
to be a favorite form of printing and decorating sportswear and apparel.

Embroidery dates back thousands of years too,
however as time progressed, so did the automation of the art.
Today we, National Sportswear ® use a machine capable
of embroidering 15 colors and stitching at 1,200 stitches a minute!

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Our printing process is no slouch either.
With it’s high precision ability,
we can print an average of 350 – 500 shirts an hour.
The Guinness book of records for most t-shirts printed
on one press by a single operator is 1,800 in day.
Although we never applied for a Guinness record,
we’ve been know to have done 3,200 in one day
with a single operator.
“That is almost double!”

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