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National Sportswear ® has been providing high-quality affordable t-shirt printing
and embroidery services to companies, schools,
non-profit organizations and people like you coast to coast.
“We are one of the oldest Online companies in this industry.”
And yes, National Sportswear is United States Federal Trademark
owned by us, National Sportswear Incorporated.
We were the first to introduce free shipping online,
free artwork services, no setup fees, and zero hidden charges.

We call it 1-866-GOT-TEES

National Sportswear ®
One Name, One Domain

As a veteran Art Director of the largest Record Producer in the World
& recognized worldwide for my designs in the Surfwear Industry.
I assure you that National Sportswear Incorporated is here to do
it’s best in serving you and providing you with the highest quality
custom sportswear at the most affordable price online.
I am Duncan Benedict,
CEO & Founder of National Sportswear ®

national sportswear

So many websites will have you do it yourself.

I suppose for some, that’s okay.

But for us, it’s not.


Satisfying Customers Worldwide.

“Leadership is achieved by serving others. This is why we lead.”

Duncan Benedict

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It’s all about making your life easy.


We take care of everything.


We understand your budget.

National Sportswear's easy service is all about serving you
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