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National Sportswear has been manufacturing
and producing custom t shirt printing and other sportswear decorating services and brands for many years.
Our techniques are unparalleled for quality and unmatched  in service and price. As one of the first online custom sportswear and apparel decorators in America, we introduced free shipping, no setup fees and no artwork charges, you can easily see why we do not disappoint.

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As one of the very first sportswear and apparel custom decoration companies on the web,
we not only introduced free shipping across the USA, no setup fees and free artwork services, National Sportswear ® set the bar that almost every online company in our industry follows today.

But that’s not sufficient reason to choose us as your custom t-shirt or polo decorator. Our experience extends across many decades and even more countries. Although National Sportswear ® has held a high standard that is second to none, we have always taken in to account that everyone is treated equally with respect and pride.

So, whether you are a fortune 500 corporation in New York City or Los Angeles, an Elementary Teacher in Ohio, a Firefighter in Seattle, a Lumberjack in Colorado, an Entertainer in Orlando or Hollywood,
National Sportswear ® will provide you with the same respect, quality and price!

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It doesn’t get any more real than this!

National Sportswear’s philosophy is quite simple
“Do it once and do it right”.
And perhaps this is why our customers come back and refer their friends.

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When Second Best Won’t Do!
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Order just 100 color t-shirts from us
and we’ll print and ship them for just $3.99

Price includes free delivery in the USA
No hidden fees
No screen Charges
100% Silkscreen Printing
No Film charges
Mix and match sizes from Small to Extra Large

Don’t need 100 t-shirts?

Then, let our professional team fine tune
your t-shirt order to suit your needs.
Our professional high standards ensures you
no pressure, no obligation, and
your information is kept
100% private.

Our website also uses the highest encrypted
SSL Certificate for your safety!

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National Sportswear T-Shirt Samples of our work

We offer a vast array of custom silkscreen printing on thousands of items.
Carefully printed with optimum registration and using the latest standards.

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Our customers are not just in the Untied States. National Sportswear has been printing for customers all over the world.
Places such as Japan, Africa, Taiwan, Germany, the UK, and even Micronesia!

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Out of T-Shirts?

Don’t worry. Head over to the student lounge and get some incredibly dope prices on t-shirt printing. Okay, we shouldn’t use the word dope. It’s probably not legal. But than again, having the cheapest t-shirt printing prices isn’t legal either!

Student Lounge

Head over to the student lounge for your caffeine fixes. What you’ll find are thousands of samples we’ve done for schools all over the country. Our student body reap some of the best deals online… wait!… no, the absolute best deals online.


Lifetime Warranty

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We’ve got the coolest customers in the World!
Join them and be our customer too.

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More than 35 years of experience designing and printing t-shirts and sportswear  for customers like Pope John Paul II, Gillian Anderson from the X-Files and Marvel, Schools such as MIT, NYU and Yale, corporations such as Bayer, Indian Motorcycles and McDonalds Corp., Governments such as the United States National Defense, Homeland Security, The Embassy of Taiwan and Micronesia, NY City School Board, Theater schools such as Japan’s Tokyo theater Association and New York’s Actors Technique, Organizations such as the American Red Cross, Unicef, Boy Scouts of America, YMCA, publications such as Cracked Magazine, Marvel Comics, Cycle Magazine and Cancer Cell Magazine.

National Sportswear Incorporated

National Sportswear ® is incorporated in the following States.
This means National Sportswear ® is not only our Federal Trademark, but “also our Federal and State identity
by State Laws, Federal Laws, the  Laws of the Federal Trade Commission FTC, The Department of Revenue Services and Department of Consumer Affairs!
If you buy from anyone using our identity, 
we strongly suggest that you demand to see their certificate of incorporation
as well as their Federal Tax Identification first.

In Plain English… Don’t Tread On Me!

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