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National Sportswear was founded in Massachusetts as a Corporation by its name “National Sportswear Incorporated.”
As such, National Sportswear is the identity name of the corporation for which it is recognized by.
It also owns the United States Federal Trademark for its identity “National Sportswear ” and this Federal Trademark is a non contestable Federal Trademark.

The company was founded in a city named Worcester.
Worcester is famed for the man known as one of the founding fathers of modern rocketry, Robert H. Goddard Born in Worcester October 5 1882.

national sportswear massachusetts

Another famous gentleman from Worcester MA., and also a customer of National Sportswear ® was a man by the name of Harvey Ball. If you’re unfamiliar with Mr. Ball’s works, it might become very clear by his photo. Mr. Ball was a commercial artist who created the Smiley Face. His character became so popular, it has been printed on all kinds of stationary, cups and yes, even t-shirts. Thank you to Mr. Ball, we had the pleasure of printing many of his famous Smiley t-shirts and all we can say is that it always brought much joy to everyone in our shop… and beyond!

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One could even say that Mr. Ball’s Smiley is also the first emoticon!.. think about it 🙂

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