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National Sportswear Trademark

National Sportswear Trademark is a United States Federal Trademark.

When selling to the consumer, it is every company’s responsibility not to mislead the the general public.
Thereby instilling a moral trust and ethics in commerce that should be followed by everyone.
A Federal Trademark distinguishes the difference between the REAL and a FAKE.

As a company, it is our responsibility to be trustworthy and transparent.
Otherwise, the consumer would be at unfair odds against the likes of pirates, thieves, or in plain English really bad people.

So we’ve teamed up with #goforreal and the United States Federal Trademark Office to protect you!
It’s our responsibility.


Buying quality products or services can mean the difference between safety and serious consequences.
When you buy real, you support the brands that make quality goods that might just save your life… if not, at least your pride.

national sportswear trademark go for real

national sportswear and crime prevention


US Federal non contestable Trademark

The National Sportswear ® is a United States Federal Trademark owned by National Sportswear Incorporated (that is us).
Actually, we own several of them under the word mark “National Sportswear” and we’ve owned them for years.

Here they are… Copies taken Directly from the U.S. Trademark Office

national sportswear trademark

This Trademark is for our “brand” and is registered for all items falling under the category SIC 025
which is for t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, shorts… pretty much anything “clothing.”
Here is an image taken directly from the United States Federal Trademark that describes the “Goods and Services” trademark
owned by National Sportswear Incorporated.

trademark for national sportswear clothing

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