oldest online t-shirt printing company

Oldest online t-shirt company.

National Sportswear may not be the absolute first online t-shirt printing company,
however, we were one of the very first.
As one of the oldest online t-shirt companies, we pioneered many of the services that are now provided by other
online t-shirt printing companies.

As National Sportswear continues to set the way to improve your online experience, 
we will continue to offer the lowest prices in the USA. That’s a gimme.

oldest online t-shirt company

Here are some of the services we introduced before anyone else online…

Free shipping!
We have always given free delivery to your door on every order over a minimum of twenty five shirt.
We also have always offered our customer free artwork services.
After all, why should you do it yourself when we have professional artists on staff?
No setup or screen fees.
Let’s think about this one for one second (done)
If you went to get an oil change for your car, would you expect to be charge to lift your car off the ground?
Of course not, it’s part of the job!
Why not take a look at some of
the samples that we’ve done for other customers then
cheap t-shirt printing
“you can decide if we’re the company for you”.


We provide you with the care you deserve.
We have more than 40 years experience!

25 years of experience designing and printing
for people like Pope John Paul II and Julia Anderson of the X-Files,
Schools such as MIT and Harvard,
corporations such as Bayer and Indian Motorcycles,
Governments and agencies like the United States National Defense,
The Government of Taiwan and Micronesia,
Organizations such as, the American Red Cross,
UNICEF and Boy Scouts of America,
and the Tokyo Children’s Theater Association.
As well as publications like Cracked Magazine and Marvel Comics.

These people, Organizations, Corporations and
Governments come to us for one reason and one reason alone…

“We’re the real thing”


There is absolutely no reason to charge set-up fees
if you have confidence in what you are doing.
Set-up fees are a form of entrapment and are un ethical.


Just as you put faith in a good mechanic to fix your car,
you can lay your worries to rest with us.

You can learn more about t shirt printing techniques from this site.

national Sportswear Official Logo
“After all why should it be any other way”

If you or your company are attending a a trade show
or convention in any of these following cities or states,
call us and we can help you with you t shirt giveaways.
Orland, Florida. Las Vegas Nevada.
San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston,
NY city, Jersey, Houston or Dallas Texas.


This simple two color print was silkscreen printed for Martha’s Vineyard.

View some cheap t-shirt printing samples we did for our customers here

Here is an example of our great cheap t-shirt printing prices.

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National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated
“One Name, One Domain!”

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