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China is mad at Canada for the Wuhan t-shirt,
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because some t-shirt printing company in Canada printed t-shirts
where the logo appeared to look like a bat.
The logo may have been taken from a Hip Hop band called Wu-Tang.
It seems kind of funny considering the close resemblance of
the band’s name and the city where the COVID-19 breakout began.

 Not that there is anything wrong with bats.
After all, bats help keep a lid on over population of insects,
something we are all appreciative of.

The WHO or World Health Organization has determined that indeed,
the global pandemic of  COVID-19 had begun
in a city called Wuhan, and this city “is” located in China.
Many scientists, including the WHO, Chinese doctors and
scientist as well as other scientist from other countries
contribute it to the bat.
Where the virus apparently passed from bat to human.
China’s over sensitivity thinks that this is an attack on the their government
and demanded an apology from Canada.

But of course China has yet to apologize to the world and
the family members of over 2.25 million people who died from this pandemic.
To date, over 2,260,263 people ( give or take) have died from Covid-19
and thus we aren’t very certain why China’s feelings should be hurt.

That kind of behavior just appears to us to be nothing more than a bully
with a serious psychological defect.
China really needs help.
And Canada should not be worried about how sensitive another country’s government is ,
especially when that government had no concerns about the rest of the world.

The moral of this tragedy and our message to China….

“Sticks and stones and even COVID-19 will break your bones,
 but words nor pictures on t-shirts will never hurt me!”



T-Shirt News

T-shirt news is about anything interesting that is happening in the United States about t-shirts.
We’ll also be covering world news, so long as it’s a story worth noting or of interest to our customers.
We began this section of the news with an Urgent breaking news about how China is mad at
Canada and demanded an apology for a t-shirt that appears to look like the letter W in the shape of a bat.
We were shocked to hear that the Government of Canada has actually apologized.

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