Before you make your final purchase,
it is always good to understand the Terms and Conditions of a sale.

terms and conditions

This is why we provide one.

Lifetime Warranty

There is no other Brand that cares about you more than National Sportswear ®
And no other Brand that puts the care and attention in to the fine craftsmanship of its products.
This is why National Sportswear ® offers a non condition “Lifetime Warranty” on every National Sportswear Branded Product.
Products that actually carry the National Sportswear label sewn into it.

Burn-It, Rip-It, Stain-It, Shred-It… Send-It BACK!

Federal Trademark

National Sportswear ® is a Untied States Federal Trademark owned wholly by National Sportswear Incorporated.
Therefore, any unauthorized use of the mark, whether it be electronic, mechanical or other means for the purpose of defaming the mark, profiting off of the mark or
to confuse consumers of the mark’s ownership strictly forbidden by Law. National Sportswear Incorporated reserves the right to seek any and all
legal fees and monetary damages caused from improper use or any use without the written consent of National Sportswear Incorporated.


A lot of care and attention goes into our designs, that’s what makes them unique.
It’s not just a craft, it’s an art…. a fine art.
And therefore, every National Sportswear ® Branded Item is Copyright owned by National Sportswear Incorporated.
If you plan to steal, plan to pay.
National Sportswear ® was founded by an artist/fashion designer.
We take theft of designs very seriously and naturally, so does the law.
Please respect us, as you would want to be respected yourself. Don’t steal.
You don’t need a golden book or the Ten Commandments to tell you the difference between right and wrong.
We all know its wrong, so keeping in the good rules of Karma, let’s be nice and nice things come in return.

Product Returns

If you drive to a store, like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Stop and Shop, Publix, or any other one of the millions of stores to buy something.
It cost you gas and time to get there.
Likewise, if you return a product to any one of those stores, you wouldn’t ask them to pay you for your gas and time driving there to return a product.
That same principal applies here.
We try to keep it simple.
If you want to return a product, you are always welcome to do so, but you must pay the shipping back to us.
Just like all those millions of other stores, you can’t expect us to pay for your gas, time or in this case shipping.

Fairness and treating people with equal rights is what National Sportswear is all about.

If you are sending back a product for replacement through our Lifetime Warranty,
then the Product Returns Policy also applies here.

Because some purchases get free shipping based on a promotional feature,
don’t expect to get your replacement shipped to you free.
That is not fair and simply does not even make common sense.
We are always happy to replace any National Sportswear Brand FREE!
But you will be required to return your Lifetime Warranty Certificate as Proof of Purchase along with payment to ship your replacement.
The shipping and handling of a replacement is about $12.

Before you can return a National Sportswear ® Brand Item for replacement,
you be required to pay the shipping and handling of the replacement back to you.
This is done through secured payment process and you will also receive an RMA number.
Without this RMA number, a product can not be returned. It simply will not be accepted.
We do RMA numbers for many reasons, mainly security.
Consider it an extra level of security.
It also protects you, the customer, from fraudulent returns.
Example: someone pretending to be you

Reselling National Sportswear ®

If you purchased a National Sportswear ® Branded Item and resell it to someone else,
your Lifetime Warranty is VOID.
Lifetime Warranties are NOT transferable.
We match Certificates with owners, period.
After all, we sold it to you.
Not the person you sold it to.

Again, the common sense rule applies here.

Hidden Security on all our National Sportswear ® Branded Items.

When you have something good, people will try to counterfeit it. Just like money.
After all, art is collectible, and collectibles become valuable.
This is no different for National Sportswear ® and thus,
we reserve the right to hide our own security codes within all of the National Sportswear ® Brand Items.

Good luck finding them!



National Sportswear ® Terms and Conditions may change time to time.

Any changes will be reflected (only) here and it is up to you to come here now or in the future
to see them.
National Sportswear Incorporated and you the consumer (user) are bound by the terms and conditions
of these term and these terms only. No other terms or conditions apply to the agreement set forth within
these terms (here).

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