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What makes us the Real National Sportswear?
First and foremost, it is our identity.
National Sportswear is incorporated with the identity of National Sportswear Incorporated.
And just like every other identity, we have a Federal Government-issued Identity Number that states We are national Sportswear.
As for there being any other National Sportswear?
Well, there can’t be.
The United States Federal Government “never” issues Identity numbers to corporations with the same name.
That would cause consumer confusion and is completely illegal.

Real National Sportswear

If there are any other companies portraying to be us, that is 1- Name Piracy and 2- Identity theft.
So seriously consider this no matter what you are told.

The next reason you could consider us the real National Sportswear is just to look at the Domain Name registry and see who National Sportswear is.
Maybe even look up on the Internet Archives to see who was online first and so forth.

Don’t make an assumption, solely based on what someone tells you.

Even if you’ve known that person for many years.
They could have been lying to you all those years.
Sometimes the biggest liers, or should we say best con artists are the ones who can obviously con you.

They will always come across as the nicest person.
Like an adult giving candy to a little child, would be a great analogy.

They do this to gain your confidence.
But it is not all about confidence if the person passing it off is not true.
Food for thought.

We also hold several noncontestable United States federal Trademarks.
These Trademarks are linked to our corporate Identity “National Sportswear”
We do this as a means to protect the consumer from frauds or pirate look-alikes.

You can view our Trademarks here.

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