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® is about integrity, honesty, transparency and respect.

INTEGRITY is a steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. This is perhaps the best descriptive reason why we incorporated National Sportswear. After all, National Sportswear “is” our identity. Why not “National Sportswear Incorporated?”
HONESTY is what was instilled in our CEO by his Grandfather “Admiral Lauren McCready.” Without honesty, you can not have integrity.
And it helps us sleep at night.
TRANSPARENCY is what results from being honest. Put it all together and you have a corporation that respects its customers.

These are the founding philosophical and ethical facets implemented into the REAL National Sportswear Incorporated
We do not pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. We have been National Sportswear since our inception. And we certainly do not make false claims or even “fraudulent claims” as we’ve seen others do.
As a matter of fact, we are “also” Federally Trademarked as National Sportswear ® and as odd as it may seem, we are www.NationalSportswear.com

In simplest words possible One NAME, One DOMAIN

Someone once said “If people have to copy me, I must be doing something right.”
Also, understand this. If someone was there before you. It does not give them the right to use your name.
Especially if they did not use it legally.
We’ve seen how some companies like to manipulate the truth.
The simple fact is this. Ask to see a corporation’s certificate of incorporation before you do business with anyone.

And if you’ve been doing business with a company calling themselves one name for many years and you did not know that they did not even respectfully register that name. Then they’ve been operating under that name “ILLEGALLY.” Think about that.
And then ask yourself how honest had that company been to disguise themselves to you?

Anyone willing to dupe you over a simple thing as a name, is certainly going to dupe you in other ways. Most likely money ways, so be careful.

Food for thought.

So, always ask to see a company’s identification first. And never settle for less then a “stamped certificate by the government.”
After all, it is the government who hands out business registrations.


National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated

We’re REAL.
That’s why.


We have the latest in cutting edge equipment from computerized automatic silk screen printing machines with 500 plus pieces per hour printing capacities. 10 color high speed computerized embroidery machines with 270-degree cap capabilities and since this is the internet… you can now face the “Virtual Reality!” That’s us, the “REAL” National Sportswear ® where reality doesn’t get any more real than this!


See who our clients are and you will certainly get to know who we are. They didn’t choose us because we talk and talk.
They choose us because we walk the walk. From the United States Department of Defense and Homeland Security, Fortune 500’s such as Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn, Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland American, Sonics, Piggly Wiggly, Mac Donalds, TIAA-CREF, MIT, Catholic University of America, Yale University, Harvard University, NASA, Boston Children’s Hospital, American Hear Association, Indian Motorcycles, Cracked Magazine, Cancer Cell Magazine, NorthWestern, SouthWestern, New York City Department of Education, Federal and Judicial Judges, Congressmen and women, Senators and even Pope John Paul II are all clients of ours… National Sportswear Incorporated.

Stand Out in the Crowd

  • Glow in the dark and security inks

  • Puff and textured inks

  • Inks that react to temperature or light

  • Metal flakes, shimer and watermark inks

Sit Back, relax. Let us do the rest.

National Sportswear ® is not just a corporation, we’re an experience.

Start Here!

We do not talk the talk. When you are ready to go vertical. Go National Sportswear ®
Technology doesn’t lie in the past. It’s called technology because it’s the future.

t-shirt printing

There’s more to embroidery than just a needle and thread.

Kiwi School custom embroidery by National Sportswear Incorporated

Some companies make the promise, we simply fullfil it.


Custom sportswear isn’t just about printing and embroidery. It’s about taste. Follow us on Facebook and you will soon get the full impact of how we lead the industry. Be the first to get the latest and greatest. Get free gifts. Get the jump on what’s hot and what’s not in the custom sportswear industry. Our founder was one of the top surfwear and leisurewear designers who’s designs sold on average for 20 million a pop around the world. Think you’ve come to the wrong place? Think again. This “IS” the “REALNational Sportswear ®

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