National Sportswear Trademark

National Sportswear Trademark is as much a piece of us as our corporation name and our website domain name. After all “we are the real National Sportswear and we are who we say we are.”

national sportswear trademark
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As for any Pirates out there, the message above is CLEAR.

Pick another name, ours is taken.
We take the safety of our customers seriously!

National Sportswear ®

Is a fully incorporated American owned and operated corporation using
a United States Federal Tax ID that clearly states that we are National Sportswear Incorporated.
And the United States Department of revenue will tell you
” There is only ONE National Sportswear Incorporated in America, this one.

National Sportswear Incorporated is incorporated with the “only” Federal Tax I.D.
That says we are National Sportswear Incorporated.

Federal Trademark?

Yes, we own that too.

National Sportswear ® is a “non-contestable” United States Federal Trademark
owned by National Sportswear Incorporated
(and that is us)

Domain name?

You are on it.
All you need to do is look up, in your browser’s address bar.
You will see

And to give you a little more comfort

We use SSL!
Which is the Internet Security Certificate which gives you
added security through encryption!


Because we are one of the few that actually cares about your safety.

Put your mind at ease.

If you ever have doubts about any website out there making claims to be us,
or anyone else for that matter. Just ask to see their “TAX I.D.”
The United States Federal Government doesn’t lie!

One Name, One Domain!

National Sportswear Incorporated
National Sportswear ®

Don’t let yourself be reeled in by a golden tongue!

We are “always willing show you our “credentials.”

National Sportswear Trademark

1- This is “our” United States Federal Trademark. It is a non-contestable Federal Trademark filed under section 8 and section 15 of the United States Federal Trademark Office. It has been in continual use and in good standing since the day of its conception.
What is important to note here is that it “is registered” to National Sportswear Incorporated and also states that National Sportswear Incorporated is a Florida Corporation located in North Carolina. This is because we are “also a North Carolina Corporation.” In fact, we are a registered corporation in “four states.” 1- Massachusetts ( where we were founded), Florida, North Carolina and New Jersey.

National-Sportswear-Trademark-Serial-Number-78856608The “above” National Sportswear Trademark is for our “Brand” of sportswear clothing named “National Sportswear” and thus we add the United States “Registered” Trademark Symbol to identify it to the consumer which looks like this -> ®
So a Federally Trademarked National Sportswear will look like this National Sportswear ®

Next. Is our United States Federal Trademark for National Sportswear for Custom Silkscreen printing and embroidery of sportswear or you could say Custom decorating of sportswear.

Also note, that it is a non-contestable Federal Trademark filed under Section 8 and Section 15 of the United States Federal Trademark Office and the owner is also National Sportswear Incorporated. That’s us 🙂


This is much like if you went to Nike Incorporated and expected to see a Nike Federal Trademark.
If you went to the Federal Trademark Office to look up Walmart, you would see that the Federal Trademark for Walmart ® is owned by Walmart Incorporated.
Target ® owned by Target Incorporated.
Addidas ® owned by Addidas Incorporated
IBM ® by IBM Incorporated
and Apple ® by Apple Incorporated

It doesn’t stop there.

What if you wanted to visit Walmart, Staples, IBM or Apple’s website?
Where would you go? or or

A smart shopper would just type in,, or

If the domain name says anything else other than the actual name, leave.
That’s our best advice!


If a company has been around a long time,
they would know enough to have registered their corporation name as their website name.
That’s a no-brainer.

So now the question becomes…

What kind of company would not own their company domain name?

There it is in a nutshell.
Just use common sense.
It’s your safety that’s important.
And tell this to your children.
After all, they are online too!

Let’s make the internet a safe place!
National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated
the REAL National Sportswear Incorporated.

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