what is a short sleeve t-shirt

Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

What is a short sleeve t-shirt?

short sleeve t-shirt

If you look at this image (above) you can see the two t-shirts that are in the border frame with a drop shadow.
Both of these would be considered a short sleeve t-shirt. Hence the one in the top left corner is an adult short sleeve t-shirt,
while the one in the bottom right-hand corner is a youth size short sleeve t-shirt.

There are literally thousands of short sleeve t-shirt designs.
For example, some have v-necks, while others are your standard round neck style.
You can have long-bodied short sleeve t-shirts and also cut-off bodied short sleeve t-shirts.
Also, they come in more colors than one could count.
Gildan 5000, for instance, has about 64 color styles, while Hanes 5280 only has about 20 color styles.
Although Hanes might have fewer color choices, you will find that each brand’s colors are pretty much unique to that particular brand.
The reason for brand color uniqueness is because this is a way brands like to distinguish themselves from one another.

We’ve been in the business for many decades.
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Therefore, this on its own merits is a great reason to contact us and let us help you find exactly what you need.
However, not everyone likes to talk to strangers or someone they’ve never met.
We totally understand.
This is why we have an online catalog for you to browse through and find something you like while in the privacy of your own home or office.

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