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National Sportswear Inc., is an American owned and operated company.

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  • Sale!

    Basic White T-Shirt Front Print


    Design your own custom printed white t-shirts. This is for front only prints. If you would like to design or order front and back on white t-shirts click here!

  • Sale! keep on hiking t-shirt

    Keep On Hiking


    Hiking outdoors is healthy and fun

    A relatively recent study from John Hopkins University
    demonstrated the link between reduced risk of heart
    disease and stroke and time spent exercising in the outdoors.

    The study had discovered a synergistic relationship between
    walking exercises and Vitamin D levels which means that
    the more exercise you do, the higher your Vitamin D levels,
    and the higher your vitamin D levels,
    the lower your risk of heart disease or stroke.

  • Sale! MAINE T-SHIRT 001

    Maine T-Shirt 001


    Maine T-Shirt Maine T-Shirt 001 is carefully crafted to give you years of enjoyable use. Machine wash it anyway you like, the design will not crack, fade, or wash out. It’s available in a large variety of sizes and colors as well. From concept to finish, every design is carefully handcrafted in our shop in…