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Kiwi School T-Shirt Custom Embroidered.

This Kiwi School t-shirt was custom embroidered in in eight colors.
The t-shirt itself is a tie dyed shirt.
National Sportswear ® has decorated t-shirts, polos and many other apparel and accessories
for schools coast to coast and as far away as Tokyo Japan.

Custom embroidered logos along with a colorful tie dyed t-shirt can brighten up any school hallway.


Kiwi School T-Shirt

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Approximately $9.00
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Having a great color theme for your school is important.
Because it can raise the morals of students as well as their patriotism.
When students feel good about their appearances and good about their school.
Their learning skills increase and so do their grades.

National Sportswear ® When Second Best Won’t Do! ™

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