Printing services that National Sportswear provides is in the form of silkscreen printing.
We do both “manual screen printing” and “automatic.”

Our manual system is ideally for low volumes and sleeves which is done on top of the line Chameleon Presses.
This system is for single prints to 150 piece runs.

Our automatic system is for geared towards high volume production runs that usually range about 500 pieces per hour.
Our manual presses are for sampling and small type runs up to 144 pieces per hour.

Don’t be misled by the concept that DTG Direct To Garment printing is better then the silkscreen process.
It will never par up to the 1- durability, such as wear and tear through rigorous wear or washing machines or,
2- specialty inks such as glow in the dark, puffs for 3D effects, fluorescent ink for neon’s,
reflective inks that reflect light at night and metal flakes.
First off, none of these specialty inks could ever pass through an ink jet nozzle of a digital printer.
So you can see where digital printing is very limited.
And DTG can never match speed nor production of the screen print automatic press.
Silkscreen printing will “always” remain the number one decorating choice
by professionals such as National Sportswear Incorporated.

If you are looking for DTG “Direct To Garment” then the chances are you will
have an amateur printing your next order. These machines were designed for the novice in mind.

printing press

16 color automatic press

automatice printing press

8 color automatic press

manual printing

6 color manual press

Another higher end form of sportswear decoration is embroidery.
Which we do as well and like everything else, we do it all in-house.
We use what is considered by industry leaders as the best machines in the world.
Happy machines, all steel components as opposed to other plastic type component machines. Ours are the “real” workhorses of the industry with 750 to 1200 stitches per minute capability. And being that these are high calibrated steel industrial machines, the speed is also equaled to it’s precision for top end quality stitching.

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