Which company makes the best basic T-shirt?

To make a sound decision on which company makes the best basic T-shirt, we need to understand what our preferences are first.
If you are like me, than budget is at the top of my list. So, let’s look at the lower priced t-shirts first.

  1. Hanes is one of the best basic t-shirts when it comes to non-shrinkage. But perhaps lacks in the area of color availability.
  2. Gildan most likely wins in the category of the largest selection of colors and more weight for the dollar.
  3. Anvil, although a tiny bit more expensive than Hanes or Gildan, is one tough T-shirt.
    But lacks in color options.
  4. Jerzees doesn’t fall into either of the above categories. However, it is more geared towards the thinner and taller body style.
  5. Fruit of the Loom, is one of the older brands out. So it certainly doesn’t lack in experience.

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