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Wingate University t-shirt was silkscreen printed  on white 100% cotton t-shirt using high quality opaque, plastisol inks.

Once the shirts are printed, they are put through a high temperature convection oven to cure the inks at temperatures reaching 350 plus degrees.

All t-shirts are individually inspected for flaws. The ones that make it past the Q.C. department are than professionally folded and packed and sealed in plastic bags to protect them on their journey to you.

Wingate University t-shirt printed by National Sportswear

Wingate University t-shirt for about $5 each

Navy blue ink gives a nice contrast on white which is very visible from far away. When printing white t-shirts, black ink is not the only color that pops. You can use an array of blue, red, greens, such as forest green, purple ink colors and many more.

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