get along

If you landed on this page through any sort of link,
whether it be inside the National Sportswear Domain Url or outside
it maybe because
National Sportswear Incorporated
does not support unethical companies or conduct.

As a rule, unethical companies are companies who
do not support equality of cultures, religions, ethnicity,
individual rights, freedom of speech, freedom of liberty,
do not adhere to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) rules
of how a company should conduct business,
do not respect intellectual property
such as Copyright laws, Trademark Laws or
the IDENTITY of others…
such as registered corporations and individuals.

These are all acts that are NOT consist ant with
National Sportswear Incorporation’s
ethical and moral standards.

As a corporation, we respect individual rights,
their cultures, their ethnicity, their freedom of religion,
their freedom of choice and their freedom of speech.
So long as none of these freedoms inflict harm on to others.
In plain English, National Sportswear Incorporated does not
support those who do not respect human rights.

National Sportswear, when second best won't do