Top 10 t-shirts according to National Sportswear is bassed on what we believe were the most popular t-shirts for their time around the world.

These may not necessarily be the most sold, however that does play a part. We look at the popularity based on many factors. For instance how much was that design seen on T.V., in the movies, on the internet, or even spoken about.

These results are not based on what you see on the internet right now.

In the previous section, we spoke about the history of t-shirts and how they came about.

Now we’ll discuss some t-shirts that had an impact on society, just for being there… in general.

marvel first comic book

Miniature t-shirts don’t qualify.

We mentioned in the section on t-shirts that there was a crowd of young folk that were not allowed to go to rock and roll concerts or events do to their age. These kids were consumed in their own super heroes, and they weren’t rock stars.

No, these were real super heroes found in comic books such as Marvel Comics. And the very first Marvel Comic was published back on October of 1939. So these heroes began to have widespread popularity even before James Dean and Elvis Presley. Perhaps both James and Elvis even read these comics themselves.

Now, we’re not here to talk about comic books (sorry Stan). But what we are interested in is what was inside them.
NO! Not Sea Monkeys! But they are cute 🙂 Maybe someone could have sold miniature t-shirts for these adorable little creatures.

Comic Hero T-shirt ads make great marketing.

top 10 t-shirts comic book advertising

What we’re interested in were the t-shirt advertisements that could be found in many comic books.

Advertisements just like this one above. Wow!, look at those prices. And only $0.25 for shipping and handling? Look out FedEx!

I had the chance to talk to Stan Lee at one time. National Sportswear printed some of his t-shirts. But, I never had the chance to ask him when he began advertising these awesome t-shirts. Maybe he thought are prices were better?

Okay, back to topic. Top 10 t-shirts. So we have the Avengers. Characters like the Hulk, which was very popular, Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel, Thor, Iron Man and more. We even have this cool looking t-shirt National Sportswear printed of the Wolverine!

I wish this was one of the top 10 t-shirts!

wolverine t-shirt

But we can’t base our opinions on such a bias thing. What we are looking at here is the fact that Marvel has managed to be around since the beginning of the t-shirt and with do credit, I believe Stan Lee deserves his place here in the history of National Sportswear’s top 10 t-shirts. So Stan, if you are looking down on me. I hope you will be happy with my choice of making Captain America the top 10 t-shirt in our top 10 t-shirts of the world’s most famous t-shirts!
And a very special thanks to Joe Simon and Jack Kirby who created Captain America back in 1941.

And who better to show it off but Chris Evans. Nice one Chis!

Who’s that Pokemon?!

It doesn’t really matter if Pikachu wants to get in on the action. Marvel Comics are loved by everyone, even Pikachu. And although we said Captain America is number 10 in our pick. It is not the actual t-shirt here we’re talking about. Remember what we said? We said popularity!

I wonder if Chris is reaching in his pocket for his IPhone to play Pokemon Go!
Just the way he’s licking his lips looks like he spotted a Poke Gym!

So that’s it, Number 10 is Captain America!

Moving on…

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