National Sportswear Massachusetts certificate of corporation granted in 2000 in good standing to date.

Date of current good standing
National Sportswear Massachusetts

National Sportswear began in mid-1999, however, it was founded in 2000 as a registered corporation of Massachusetts.

We live online (the world wide web) on August 8, 2000 by registering its domain name “”

National Sportswear Incorporated also owns two United States Federal Trademarks. The first for custom decorating of sportswear, and the second for a brand of clothing.

Since the founding of our company, we have always placed consumer protection at the foremost top priority in everything we do, hence the reasons for incorporating, trademarking and registering the domain names National Sportswear.

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It’s people like you who make us.

Among some of our first customers was a gentleman by the name of Harvey Ross Ball.
You might not know him, but we’re pretty sure you’ll recognize his little cartoon character. So much so, that one could say that Mr. Ball invented the very first emoji!

It’s largely accepted that the original version of the familiar smiley face was first created 50 years ago in Worcester, Massachusetts by the late Harvey Ross Ball, an American graphic artist, and ad man

Harvey Ross Ball

Some might say that Harvey is one of those lost inventors. But we say he will always remain here in our hearts.
Thank you, Harvey, for your amazing contributions!

student lounge t-shirt logo

The purpose of our company is to provide fair pricing for custom apparel to everyone in the United States.
Besides this, we get to meet some of the coolest people around. Like Harvey!
Would you like to meet some of our other customers?
We have thousands. Harvey is not the only famous artists we’ve had the great pleasure of serving.
We are also honored with the presence of artists like Mr. Dick Kulpa and the late great Mr. Stan Lee!

Dick Kulpa "Captain Comic."

Meet Captain Comic

Read a little bit about Mr. Dick Kulpa here and see what "very cool" t-shirts we printed for him. There's a reason they call him Captain Comic

A visionary

Stan Lee has assembled some of the most famous characters in comic book history. See what we printed for him here.

If we’re good enough to print t-shirts for them, are we good enough for you?
We’d love to have the opportunity. So if you would like a quote request for your next order of super funky, cool t-shirts. You can submit a quote request here for whatever type of sportswear you need. We even decorate cotton canvas bags.