Samples of “actual” t-shirt printing for our customers, spanning over two decades online!

There are few, if any, companies in our industry that can boast such a long time online presence.

So, we hope you enjoy these samples and see the kind of diversity National Sportswear Incorporated has.


samples of marvel comics t-shirts by National Sportswear Incorporated

Everyone knows Marvel and the great works by their artists.
But even sometimes they need our help.
Printing on paper is so much different then printing on textiles.
When Marvel prints comic books they are printing on paper.
When National Sportswear prints, we print on textiles.
The biggest difference is textiles have a rough surface,
it is extremely pliable and the technique used is usually wet on wet
(this means the ink is still wet from one color to the next until the garment
is actually pulled of the press and run through a curing unit or machine).
Paper printing is usually if not always web offset printing which is a dry on dry technique 
(this means the ink is actually dry from one color to the next),
also paper is not pliable or does not move and stretch and the surface is much smoother.

So in the end, printing full four color process is easier on paper then it is on textiles.
But we do think we’ve mastered this technique and of course
so does Marvel (or they probably would never come to us).

“If we’re good enough for Marvel, are we good enough for you?”
“We’re the real thing”.

gillian anderson x-files t-shirt sample

Multi color prints on black shirts is as difficult as the next print.
Without knowing the proper screen meshes in the proper order
and not knowing the proper ink viscosities you will yield very inadequate prints
Here is a one of many prints we did for Julia Anderson
from the famous TV series the X-Files.

“If we’re good enough for Julia, are we good enough for you?”

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