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Really cheap t-shirts custom

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national sportswear

Really cheap t-shirts custom printed…

T-Shirt Courtesy Hanes Corporation
Design Copyright Duncan Benedict 2017

So you are looking for some really cheap t-shirts custom printed with your super cool design.
You don’t don’t have a Bill Gates budget, just some spare change from your weekend lawn care business.
No worries mate. I am going to help you through this almost impossible task.
Once you understand the process, you will become a pro. Trust me.

Basic Understanding

Let’s begin with the basic understanding of the different printing processes first.
After all, we need to figure out which is best for us and the goals we are trying to achieve.

If you take a look at the t-shirt on the left or above if you are mobile. This design can be printed in all three forms.
The first is silkscreen printing, the second is iron-on from photocopies and the third way is digital printing.

really cheap t-shirts custom

national sportswear

Think you know which one is best?

Silkscreen Printing

Door Number 1


Silkscreen printing yields the highest quality with the longest life expectancy.

Iron On Photocopies

Door Number 2


Iron-On printing yields the medium quality with the very low life expectancy.

Ahhh Wonderful Digital Printing

Door Number 3


Digital printing yields quality images, but with poor life expectancy.

Now we have a basic grasp on the three different printing formats.

But that’s not all you need to know about getting really cheap t-shirts custom printed.

If we are to go with the highest quality print, we now know it is silkscreen printing hands down.
So how can we keep our prices down?
There are several things to consider. One, high volume. But our budget doesn’t allow for this.
And two, keeping to lower print locations and lower colors.
Some folks think you need to look like a walking billboard to get noticed.
The fact is, this simply is no longer true today.

It is quite the opposite, thanks to photocopy and digital printing!
Ironically these two other forms of printing have paved the way for lower cost silkscreen printing… Thanks!

I’ll be continuing this topic here shortly!
So check back soon 🙂