1. the action of helping or doing work for someone.
  2. a system supplying a public need such as silkscreen printing, custom embroidery, or both on sportswear and apparel.
Similar: act of assistance, good turn, favor, kindness, helping hand

And this is what we do at National Sportswear ®
Hence our slogan and motto: When Second Best Won’t Do!

silkscreen printing design 1

Custom Printing

National Sportswear ® provides over 35 years of experience and know how in the field of custom sportswear printing. Our abilities stretch far beyond the average t-shirt printing company. We've designed, printed and created some of the most well known retail lines in America. And we bring this experience to you. When you order custom printing from us, you don't just get some humdrum printed apparel, you get the kind of product that only high end fashion retailers want. And, you get it at prices that compete against the likes of China! When you are ready for us, we are here for you!

nasa embroidery

Custom Embroidery

National Sportswear ® is no slouch when it comes to top quality custom embroidery. As a matter of fact, you could say our embroidery is out of this world! Literally. Not to toot our horn, but we custom embroider for some of the top names in the world. Agencies such as NASA, the United States Department of Defense, Boyscouts of America, and the list goes on. So let National Sportswear Incorporated custom embroider your next order. You'll be completely satisfied with the results. When you are ready for us, we are here for you!