Dick Kulpa, also known as Captain Cartoon, is famous for his work with Cracked Magazine and a whole lot more.
Dedicated to his profession, he has a unique style not equaled by any other.
Although some of his work is based on satire of politics and events. His love of the fine art of drawing and painting shines with his style.

Take a look below at one of his masterpieces we printed on t-shirts. We think you will agree with us when we say that Dick is indeed the captain of cartoons!

Dick Kulpa "Captain Comic."

We dedicate this page (and many others) to you, Dick Kulpa!

Hangin’ On! is one of the few t-shirts we had the great pleasure of printing for Dick.
This design was printed on white 100% cotton t-shirts and was actually silkscreen printed. Subsequently, one would think it was direct to garment print. Since that’s what most companies do today. But, most other companies are not National Sportswear. They use direct to garment because they simply don’t know how to silkscreen print high definition four color process on t-shirts.

When Second Best Won’t Do! ™

Silkscreen printing is a five-thousand-year-old art. Therefore, as my father always told me, and I’m pretty sure Dick would agree, “if it works, don’t fix it.
Silkscreen printing lasts. No, it pretty much lasts forever. But you need to know how to do it in order to yield the right results.
When great artists such as Captain Comic, want t-shirts printed with their artwork. They want it to last too. After all, it’s a reflection on them.
Certainly, an artist like Monet or DaVinci didn’t pick crappy old canvas or paint did they?
If they had, their paintings wouldn’t last.

penny pincher

If you would like to save a little or a lot on your custom printed t-shirts and you fall in that category (like us) as a penny pincher, then go check out this crazy special for custom t-shirts. It’s not going to bust your piggy bank!

More about Dick Kulpa and the  T-Shirts we printed for him coming soon!
Oh yes, and before we forget. If you want to buy his shirts, you’ll need to talk to the Captain himself!
You can visit him here.

Tell him Duncan sent you!
You know, that guy who owns National Sportswear?
Cheers 🙂

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