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National Sportswear Trademark is a registered United States Federal
non-contestable trademark owned by National Sportswear Incorporated.

Furthermore, it consists of two trademarks which are listed bellow.

national sportswear trademark 3222274

U.S. Registration number 3222274 was registered in 2007 by National Sportswear Incorporated.

International Class 025 for
Dress shirts; Golf shirts; Knit shirts; Night shirts; Open-necked shirts; Piquet shirts; Polo shirts; Shirts; Shirts for suits; Short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; Short-sleeved shirts; Sleep shirts; Sport shirts; Sports shirts; Sports shirts with short sleeves; Sweat shirts; T-shirts; Wind shirts

U.S. Registration number 3073167 was registered in 2006 by National Sportswear Incorporated.

International Class 040 for
silkscreen-printing, embroidery, custom imprinting with decorative designs, all in the field of sportswear and apparel
national sportswear trademark 3073167

National Sportswear Trademark Owner Certification of Incorporated


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North Carolina

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New Jersey

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From time to time, some criminal like person, company, or even lawyer comes along and decides they want to steal our famous name and they’ll use the most dubious ways to do it. Including fake reviews on their website. National Sportswear is a name with a reputation that we worked hard to build and we invested plenty money to develop it into the kind of name that consumers can trust and rely on for all their custom apparel. It’s also brand of sportswear that has an image that is second to none.

Founded by the Grandson of Admiral Lauren S. McCready

From the very conception of National Sportswear, our founder followed the very strict and ethical guidelines that the United States Department of Commerce created to insure the protection of consumers such as yourself.
We take great pride in defending your rights.
So much so that National Sportswear Incorporated is a full fledged corporation registered in many states and with the United States Federal Government. Hence, it is our identity too.

We  go beyond the basics to bring you security.


National Sportswear was one of the very first online sportswear decorating companies in America. We use a $1.75 million dollar Warrantied Security Certificate to protect you online. We do not use second hand SSL certificates as other online businesses use.
All you have to do to verify the authenticity of any online company is view their SSL certificate.
With a simply click of the padlock in the top left hand side of your browser, you can verify the company.
If you do not see the company name and only see a certificate produced by third parties such as Amazon, Cloudflare, Godaddy and so forth. Than the information is intentionally being hidden from you.

The best browser to verify the proper identity through SSL certification is Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge should display the corporation’s name inside the address bar in green, right beside the lock.
If you do not see the corporation name prominently displayed there, than RUN!
Otherwise, your going to be duped!

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