As you may be aware, National Sportswear Incorporated has undergone some legal issues with another company located in the New Jersey area.
Never the less, the lawsuit was settled out of court. The map below represents the territorial rights for each company, theirs and “ours” National Sportswear Incorporated.
Both parties have agreed on each others senior rights to operate under IC 40 (International Code) for custom sportswear decorating, such as custom silkscreen printing or custom embroidery as a service to others in these respective territories and this other company recognizes “our” exclusive rights for our famous Brand of sportswear and clothing called National Sportswear for the entire USA.

Also please be aware that if you had ordered custom silkscreen printing or custom embroidery from us “National Sportswear Incorporated” prior to this agreement and you are within this other company’s territory then this will not effect you, you may still order from us. And likewise, if you had ordered from that company prior to this agreement and you are in our territory, then you will not be affected by this settlement agreement either. The agreement was signed and agreed upon on this date  April 6th 2015 so please check your invoices and retain them for future references.

You may also view the settlement here.

This map is for custom decoration of sportswear, such as silkscreen printing, embroidery, laser printing, numbers, iron-on and so on.


You may also view a close up map of the territories within the State of New Jersey as the settlement agreement pertains to “actual counties” and is difficult to view on the larger map. You can view the New Jersey counties in question here.

For the National Sportswear Trademark under IC 25 (International Code) a brand of clothing or sportswear, National Sportswear Incorporated maintains it’s exclusive rights in the entire USA and you can view the map here.

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