Both parties have agreed on each others senior rights to operate under IC 40 (International Code) for custom sportswear decorating, such as custom silkscreen printing or custom embroidery as a service to others in these respective territories.


National Sportswear Incorporated (this is us) is  a corporation in
the State of North Carolina, the state of Florida, the state of Massachusetts and the state of New Jersey
And has been in good standing in “all” states. As well, National Sportswear Incorporated has paid all Federal Taxes under the name “National Sportswear Incorporated and National Sportswear” and has been in good standing since it’s founding.

“Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.”
This was quoted by  a Mark Twain Character named Rudyard Kipling in  the Novel From Sea to Shining Sea

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You may also view a close up map of the territories within
the State of New Jersey as this settlement agreement above pertains to  here.




For the National Sportswear Trademark under IC 25 (International Code) a brand of clothing or sportswear, National Sportswear Incorporated (that’s us) maintains it’s exclusive rights for the entire USA
and you can view the map here.

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