National Sportswear New Jersey Corporation

National Sportswear New Jersey Corporation certificate.

National Sportswear New Jersey Corporation Certification
Our company National Sportswear is a New Jersey Corporation and has been incorporated in
New Jersey since March of 2008 and has been “in good standing” ever since.


National Sportswear Incorporated is incorporated in New Jersey.
We have “NO” affiliations with any other companies there using the National Sportswear name.
There is no other corporation in New Jersey that is Incorporated as National Sportswear.
As a matter of Law. It is quite simply inconceivable to have two National Sportswear Incorporation
in the same state. This holds true by Law for “every State of the United States.
And is a Law followed in many other countries besides our own.

Don’t take our word for it…

You can check with the New Jersey Department of Revenue
to verify this information.
Running an honest business is “always” a National Sportswear ® priority.
Consumer protection is also a National Sportswear Incorporated priority.
Here is Our New Jersey State Information as registered with
the New Jersey States Department of Treasury. In the State of New Jersey, National Sportswear Incorporated has paid taxes “as National Sportswear Incorporated” and National Sportswear Incorporated provides its annual reports every year without fail to the New Jersey department of Revenue. It’s the law.

New Jersey National Sportswear IncorporatedIMPORTANT INFORMATION

Our address in New Jersey is
3600 State Route 66 Ste 150, Neptune, NJ 07753
and we have “NO” affiliations with any other company
in New Jersey using our name National Sportswear.

If you decide to purchase from another company in New Jersey using
our name “National Sportswear.”
Make sure you read this document on territories
“PRIOR” to making a new purchase from anyone using our name.

If it doesn’t say
It’s not National Sportswear ®

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We believe in fair business,
100% transparency and consumer protection.

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