National Sportswear Massachusetts Corporation

National Sportswear Massachusetts Corporation and founded in Worcester
which is about thirty minutes west of Boston. From here, we supplied custom printing to the New England area of the United States. Such as states like Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.
We supplied free shipping to all our customers in these states and quickly grew to shipping to other states across the country as far as California, Washington and Oregon.

National Sportswear massachusetts Corporation

Above is a copy of our registration of corporation for the State of MA.
We show this as a means of transparency and to erase any doubts from our visitors and customers as to whom we are. The best practice in business is honesty. As our customers already know, we are nothing less than honest. After all, our CEO and Founder of National Sportswear is the Grandson of Admiral L. McCready one of the founders of Kings Point Academy and Director of the National Maritime Research Center.

All shipping and manufacturing

are now done “ONLY”
from our North Carolina Factory located at
4914 Duncan Road Monroe North Carolina 28110

Special Interests Regarding our Business model…

Because we ship free of charge to all destinations in the Continental USA,
our North Carolina “factory” was the place of choice to ship and manufacture from.
It is the central Hub for most large shipping companies on the East Coast and home to most of the top cotton producers, top Brands such as Hanes and has a deep sea port for international shipping.


A lot of what we do surrounds our longtime business model practices.
Because we were one of the very first online sportswear decorating companies,
our founder and CEO wanted to provide custom decorated sportswear to all corners of the USA, including those far to reach places where customers do not have the luxury or convenience of a local printer or embroiderer. He explored the new frontier and gambled on the web when no one else would take that risk.

He believed that he could bring convenience to places where convenience simply did not exist and by doing so, could bring equal opportunity to the less fortunate. Imagine a school in the Midwest surrounded by corn or wheat fields as far as the eye can see. Not a school in downtown Manhattan where almost everything and everyone is within a city block’s reach. These far and out of the way schools are there to help children in those very rural conditions get what they deserve, equal opportunity for an education. Well, those schools deserve the same kind of help that they give those children, hence the founding of National Sportswear ® a company with purpose!
To go where no one has gone before 😉

In order to get custom decorated sportswear to these schools, churches, businesses and get it to them for the same price a school, church or business in downtown Manhattan or downtown Boston would pay,
our CEO gambled on free shipping.

This was how we leveled the playing field for everyone.
And his gamble paid off!

It now seems that everyone on the web is offering some form of free shipping. Companies such as Amazon, Ebay, Sears, Target and pretty much everyone else on the web today.
Although we were a National Sportswear Massachusetts Corporation when we began, we named our company National Sportswear ® with the plan to become just that, a National Sportswear Company.

Just like his Grandfather who had a vision for a Merchant Marine Academy to help carry supplies to far away places, our founder had a vision of bringing sportswear to far away places too.


National Sportswear has supplied shirts to the Department of Defense in places such as Iraq, The North Pole, South Pole, Mediterranean, and Japan. We’ve supplied the Red Cross in places such as Iceland, Germany and other places in the world. We’ve supplied the American Heart Association, Humane Society, and many other nonprofit organizations, to help them achieve their goals.
We take great pride in what we’ve accomplished and we are here for you!

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We believe in fair business,
100% transparency and consumer protection.