National Sportswear Florida

National Sportswear Florida Corporation since 2004 & effective 2000

National Sportswear Florida Corporation Certificate

Massachusetts | North Carolina | New jersey
We believe in fair business,
100% transparency and consumer protection.

National Sportswear Florida, also known as National Sportswear Incorporated provides both the service of t-shirt printing and custom embroidery along with the National Sportswear Brand to the southern portion of the United States with free shipping to states such as Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Utah

Please note that National Sportswear Incorporated is “NOT” affiliated with any other company using our name “National Sportswear” in Florida. As a matter of fact, there is no other National Sportswear Incorporated in Florida. We are the only one. By State Law, there can not be two corporations with identical names in the same State. This holds true for every State in the United States.
We also hold several Federal Trademarks for our name “National Sportswear.” You can view them either on this website. Or you can visit the USPTO.Gov website and do a search under Trademarks for “National Sportswear.”
Our Headquarters is in Charlotte North Carolina.

Please visit the Florida Department of State
for more information.