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January 9th 1788

National Sportswear Connecticut T Shirt

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About Connecticut: The Capital of Connecticut is Hartford

Facts: It is not quite the largest city in Connecticut state, but it is home to Hartford University.
The largest city is Bridgeport.
(A National Sportswear Incorporated client, among others such as Boy scouts of America and Hartford Rugby)

Connecticut is nicknamed the constitution state and is the southern most state of the region known as New England.

It is was also very influential in the development of the United States Federal Government.
Third smallest state by landmass and 29th in population.

The first settlers were Dutch, however the largest settlements were from England.

And of course our little plug for National Sportswear ®… Connecticut was home to our CEO’s late Grandfather, a prominent Admiral and Founder of Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy, and founder of the Nuclear Power Engineering department at Kings Point. Admiral Lauren McCready. Who also outfitted the first nuclear Powered merchant vessel in the United States, the NS Savannah backed by President Dwight Eisenhower!


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