Music Band t-shirt printing

Music Band t-shirt printing example by National Sportswear ®

Take a look at this super cool sample of a cheap custom t-shirt printed for a musical rock band in Pennsylvania.
You can also check out some specials if you’re a music band living in Pennsylvania or anywhere else!

If you’re like us, you don;t only love music, you love t-shirts too!
And therefore, why not get some really cheap custom t-shirts for your musical band.
We’ve been printing t-shirts for rock and roll music bands for over twenty years.

music band t-shirt printing by National Sportswear Incorporated

Even start up, garage music bands are on a tight budget.
You guys (and gals) need to save that hard earned money for your roadies (joke).
But yeah, serious. You are no doubt on a tight budget and so why not get your t-shirt printing here.

One look at our prices and you’ll understand why.

A t-shirt just like this one only costs…

50 t-shirts 2 colors one side = $6.50 each
100 t-shirts 2 colors one side = $6.00 each
250 t-shirts 2 colors one side = $5.50 each

Those really aren’t bad prices at all. Consider this, free delivery, no setup fees, no artwork charges and this includes the t-shirts too.

One of the really nice things at National Sportswear is that we know people come in all sizes and shapes, so you can mix sizes from Adult small to Adult Extra Large in proportional quantities to your group of people.

This is what’s included
the T-Shirts
screen set up

and free ground shipping to your garage or concert hall!

Please note that prices may vary depending on brands.
If you need some Adult XXL to 5XL in your order,
the cost for these can range between $2 and $ 4 extra per shirt.

Free artwork is for the first hour of service,
however there is no charge for art unless it is over one hour.
At which point we would let you know before we do any work at all.
Also, film and screens are free, but
remain the property of National Sportswear.

To get things going, you just need to request a Quick Quote!

Order today and get your Music Band t-shirt printing at a discounted rate.
Free gift with every order valued at $19.95.
(For custom t-shirt orders of 100 pieces or more)

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