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Jersey City Saint Patrick’s Day t-shirt was for the Jersey City Parade held on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Being that it is celebrating the Irish, we saw fit to print it on a forest green 100% cotton t-shirt.

Sporting the American and Irish Flags to commemorate those beer drinking, pud crawling Irish Americans 🙂

It was no luck of the Irish that we got to print these great t-shirts, it was our friends at PJ Ryan’s who helped put the event together. So swing by and grab yourself a brew ar the corner of Marin and Main.


Jersey City Saint Patrick's Day t-shirt by National Sportswear

This Jersey City Saint Patrick’s Day t-shirt costs around $8 each

No Pub brawls here. Jersey City has many great Pubs and Taverns. And if you’re ever in the mood to try a real Irish American Pub Crawl, there’s no better place than here in Jersey City.
Make sure to check out Brazicki’s Tavern on Liberty Avenue, Hamilton Park Ale House on Jersey Ave., Brennan’s Pub on Sterling Ave., Casino in the Park on Licoln Park, Laico’s on Summit Ave., Jack Miller’s Pub on Academy St., Dorrian’s on Washington, The Lighthouse Tavern on Washington, The Mojo Lounge at Westside, The Merchant on Grove St., Park Tavern on Westside, Mc Donnough’s on Prospect, Oddfellows at Montgomery and PJ Ryan’s at First and Marin.
And don’t forget to check out our catalog here.

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