How to start a t-shirt business

Want to learn how to start a t-shirt business?

With the internet growing everyday, many people want to go in to business for themselves.
And the t-shirt business is a more realistic approach when it comes to saving those pennies.
You could go to a franchise show, but you will pay big bucks to take that approach.

If you want to start a t-shirt business on your own, here is a more common sense approach if you are like most people and don’t have tens of thousands of dollars.
We’ll list the answers from lowest price method to highest price method.

Some of your options

  1. Find an online company such as Zazzle and let them do all the work for you.
    Zazzle lets you post your designs on their their products and website. All you have to do is make an account.
    Then they print and ship your designs to customers who visit them and buy your stuff.
    It’s a great way to start if you have next to nothing for cash output. However, you may not retain your customers and who knows if they advertise to them through email marketing.
  2. A few pennies go a little farther. You can open an account with Amazon, Etsy or perhaps even Ebay. Ebay gives you a no cost upfront approach, we can show you how to do it.
    While with Amazon and Etzy you’ll have some monthly fees, whether you sell or not (not our first choice).
  3. You can set up your own website. You’ll need to get a domain name and a hosting company. But this methods provides you with the most freedom and privacy for your customers.
  4. Aside from the first choice in this list, you’ll still need a few supplies supplies. Not to mention t-shirts. You can read more about which company makes the best basic t-shirts here.
    You will also need an array of other stuff, you can read more on how to make a custom t-shirt here.

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How to start a t-shirt business

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