penny pincher

Penny Pincher special custom t-shirts
is going to tickle your fancy.
In short,
it’s going to keep your pocket book nice and plumb.

Buy 50 white t-shirts from us
and we’ll print them for just $38!

That’s a Penny Pincher!

White Gildan t-shirts made from 100% cotton.
these are not factory second t-shirts.
Brand new, out of the box, and straight from the Gildan factory.  And printed by  National Sportswear ®. Namely us 🙂

Our experienced and dedicated staff know their craft and will screen print your design with the finest silkscreen inks in the industry. Coupled with professional color separations produced in-house and pinpoint accurate machines.
This is the same kind of care and attention that goes into the National Sportswear ® retail brand that is famously known for its Lifetime Warranty.
Because honestly, our customers come to us
“When Second Best Won’t Do!”

What’s included with your order:

Free Delivery ( Ask for your secret code),
no setup fees, no artwork charges, no screen fees, no color separation or film charges.

How to order?

Simply submit your quote request here and ask for the “Penny Pincher Special”
One of your representatives will email you back with your code and information to get it started.
There is no obligation. The choice to proceed is always up to you.
With prices lower than China and we are a 100% USA Company, founded and located in the USA!

National Sportswear bunny quote

To give you a tiny jump start on what you can do with the Penny Pincher Special,
here are several examples of what other customers designed.

UCLA penny pincher t-shirt by National Sportswear Inc
University of Maryland penny pincher t-shirt by National Sportswear
Lifetime Warranty

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