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Boston College t-shirt was silkscreen printed  by National Sportswear on a white sleeveless t-shirt.

Boston College versus Notre Dame weekend rivalry.

When you really need to get tough, you need t-shirts that can take a beating. That doesn’t mean you’ll take a beating, of course unless you buy your custom t-shirts elsewhere!
That’s because National Sportswear charges less money than other printers nation wide. With free shipping, design online or have it designed for you free. In the end, your pocket book is going to thank you.

Boston College T-Shirt printed by National Sportswear

Boston College t-shirt on a sleeveless shirt

Boston College t-shirt printed by National Sportswear

The beatings will continue if you buy from other printers. That’s what our friends at Boston College keep trying to tell Notre Dame. But they won’t listen!

Or do they?

Yes, Notre Dame buys their t-shirts from National Sportswear too. But let’s not tell these two rivals.

We’ll just be like the quiet referee and just watch them battle it out 🙂

In the meantime, what do you think of these awesome t-shirts we’ve been printing for Colleges all over the country?

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This Boston College t-shirt costs around $8 each.

Find out how much your custom t-shirts will cost by submitting a simply free quote request.

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There is no obligation to buy and you may be rather surprised at how little it costs.
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