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African t-shirt was silkscreen printed and sponsored by National Sportswear. We have always taken much pride in supporting our communities, not only at home, but around the world as well.

As you can see from this group of happy little kids in a village in Africa.

It’s never been enough for us to set an example here at home in the USA, but more importantly to show the rest of the world how important it is to care for others. Even when they are so far away.

Africa t-shirt by National Sportswear

Africa t-shirt – Back Print

You don’t need our sponsorship to get low prices on custom t-shirts. You can join our membership club for guaranteed low prices. However, even that isn’t necessary. National Sportswear has been online serving customers just like you for many years. As a matter of fact, we were one of the very first online sportswear decorators in America.

This African t-shirt is a simple, but very effective print. A one color print can go a long ways. No distractions by other colors and if you pick the right color to contrast against the t-shirt color, you’ll have a winner every time.

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This African t-shirt cost only $3.00 each.

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