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So now that you had a look at our Trademarks. It is time to look at our certifications of Incorporation.
Bellow you will see our first certifications of Incorporation by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Note the name “National Sportswear Incorporated” this is not any different from our website name or our federal trademarked names.
Because we are who we say we are.

We have no need for hidden names, alternate names, doing business as names or even fictitious names.
We do not elude to being anyone else. We don’t make up reasons and we stand by our name.

National Sportswear massachusetts Corporation

Of course we did actually begin our business much earlier then the date shown on our corporate certificate. But like all new companies, it takes time to get everything in order when one begins a business. We spent almost six months prior to registering our corporation just searching for our name to make sure “no one else was using it.” This is no easy task.

Especially if someone was using a name “without” registering it. Of course that would mean that they were “not” in compliance with the Law. And this happens all the time. And is the biggest single reason that companies are only now finding out how these illegitimate companies can claim “first right use.” If a company claims they had been using a name prior to you using it, but they had not registered the name according to law and regulations and you did. Who do you suppose should have first right use?

This is a lot like driving a car without a proper driver’s license. Imagine you have a proper drivers license and one day you are out driving your car. BAM! Someone slams into the side of you and they don’t have a proper drivers license. Then you appear in court and they show up with one that they got registered just before the court appearance. Do you think the court should accept this license since this driver did not have it when they hit you?

This is what the courts are trying to resolve today LOL

Hard to believe, right?

One of our first searches we did for our name “National Sportswear” was the internet. A natural choice considering we were to build our presence there.
After discovering that none of the “National Sportswear” domain names had been taken. This was an obvious choice, so we pursued it.
Since everyone was already familiar with the internet by 1999 and if  you owned a company back then (and were at least proud of it), you would have most certainly snatched up your name. This was already fifteen years after Microsoft had internet explorer, Netscape was very popular and of course AOL was in everyone’s mailbox. So most Americans were already surfing the net.
So like any smart business, we bought every version we could of National Sportswear to make sure the consumer would be protected and of course us too. And here is our registration in the whois database.

If you are not familiar with ICANN, they are the “Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers” or as we like to call them “the Big Cahoona!” of the Internet.
They are the ones in charge of well, everything. Everything internet that is. They approve domain names and thus they can also take them away. And here is what they have to say about National Sportswear Incorporated and our Founder.