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About Us  – National Sportswear ® or National Sportswear Incorporated.
This our story “the National Sportswear story.”
Founded in Worcester MA and by no mistake. It’s the birthplace of the world re-known Smiley Face
and also home to the Father of Modern Rocketry!

national sportswear

And like any good business, we incorporated our name from day one.
Our name?
National Sportswear Incorporated.
Of course, we did this after strenuous hours of research on the Internet,
and government databases.
After searching the Whois, Internic, The Library of Congress, The United
States Trademark and Patent Office and of course the Wayback Machine.
We found that “no National Sportswear existed.”
So our next step was to register the Domain names “National Sportswear.”

We registered several of the Domain names such as,,, and

The practical idea behind doing this was quite simple. To protect the consumer and anyone else
who might “accidentally try to register our name.”

We call this common sense business.

Our next step was to file a Federal Trademark for our name so that we could make it readily available for any and all to see. It only makes sense. After all, if you are going to be in business and you have a name. You’d better make every effort to let the public know who you are.

So by incorporating under one name, we obviously pay the Federal Government taxes by this name.

It’s much like you paying your taxes under your own name. Just like any person, a corporation also has a social security number.

It’s called a tax I.D. number. This is the number for which the government recognizes you.

So to cast all shadows of doubt. We are who we are…
National Sportswear Incorporated.

massachusetts certificate of incorporation for National Sportswear Incorporated
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national sportswear

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