New Jersey Irish Band t-shirt by National Sportswear

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New Jersey Irish Band t-shirt by National Sportswear was custom printed in high opaque colored inks on black 100% cotton t-shirts..

If you’re wondering what the design is in the circle, it is a Celtic knot.

The purpose behind the colors in the design is simply to go with the tradition of the colors in the Irish flag.

The fonts, or words wrapping around the circle is a nice touch that add to the symmetry of the design.

new jersey irish band t-shirt by national sportswear

This New Jersey Irish Band t-shirt
by National Sportswear only costs around $7 each

The back design is pretty much a larger version of the front. Sticking with the same color scheme and design. If you look closely at the back, however, we’ve added the Celtic knot in a dark grey to give some accent or a water mark style to the print. This can be a nice touch to enhance the retail look of t-shirts. In other words, make them more appealing as a high end retail item.
Sometimes we use a reflective type ink that will glow at night when lights make contact with the design.
This not only adds to the look, but can also be used as a safety feature in the apparel.
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